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Please Note I have moved to Edmonton Alberta

You fantasize about being bound and helpless, at the mercy of a powerful woman towering over you, mocking your vulnerability...

You wonder what it feels like to be tossed over the knee of your teacher and soundly paddled.

I will be the little catholic school girl that has you wrapped around my finger.

The idea of me as a goddess clad in tight, shining pvc will make you weak at the knees.

I will be the naughty nurse examining every inch of you.

You will be squirming uncontrollably while wrapped firmly in my grasp.

My nails scrape so softly over your skin, tickling you until you can't help but scream and laugh.

I will flog you as you beg uselessly from behind your gag.

My name is Lady Rowan and I am a dedicated lifestyle Dominant. This means that the BDSM lifestyle is as much a part of my life as my race, creed or gender itself. I take it very seriously.

I do not believe in the superiority of the female but in the power of the individual. Each person has power that is as individual as they are. It is the source of their strength and their vulnerability. It is their desires and emotions and what gives them their humanity.

It is this power which I will help you discover, explore, and experience in this lifestyle.

But as an individual, I expect to be accorded dignity and respect. My name is Lady Rowan, and that is how you may refer to me.