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Some of the more frequent questions...

Where are you located?
I live in Edmonton,Albert nestled in the heart of the Canadian prairies. I have a well equipped dungeon there, but do travel frequently and may include a session that fits my schedule and interests.

How long in advance do I need to book a session?
I strongly recommend you contact me as far in advance of your desired session date and time as possible. At minimum I require 24 hours notice. You can try me on shorter notice, and on an incredibly rare day you may be in luck, but usually you will be frustrated. I live and function in a rather conservative society. Different life and societal obligations demand different attire and attitudes. I am not mentally or physically prepared for a session at all times. There is also a great deal of preparation time that goes into a personalized session.

What if I can't make it for a booked session?
I understand that life happens. A phone call at least two hours before your session to tell me of the complications is ideal, but some form of communication that you cannot make it is REQUIRED. I reserve the right to require a non-refundable deposit to book future sessions if previous appointments are missed without notice.

Do you have clothing for me to wear if I like to crossdress?
I have an assortment of clothing, shoes, and lingerie for boys who like to dress as girls. I also have wigs and makeup. That said I cannot keep clothing in every size, so if you like to play dress-up I encourage you to bring your own. You are also welcome to purchase clothes for yourself and store them with me for your use when you visit me.

Do you teach?
I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others. I try to make time in my schedule to give workshops and classes. If you are interested in organizing one of these please contact me about fees. I have very limited time for one on one training sessions; my fee for these is $150.00 per hour and you will be expected to know in advance what topics you would like to cover. (This will also better allow me to inform you how much of my time you will need.) If at any point I feel that you are not prepared or interested in learning I will end the session without refund. Be prepared to do your homework, as some research or practice may be required before or between classes. Certain skill sets may require prerequisites.

Do you take newcomers into the lifestyle?
Walking someone through their first SM experience and seeing their reactions to the sheer power of sensation, both physical and emotional is a special feeling - one I thoroughly enjoy. But it is different than with a more experienced partner. I like to keep sessions shorter at first and offer a variety of pre-discussed activities and experiences. This gives the newcomer an opportunity to discover their BDSM preferences and me the chance to have feedback from them.

I have never tried BDSM, will I like it?
I can't tell you that, what I can suggest is that you close your eyes and think about it. Imagine yourself bound and helpless at the mercy of someone. Imagine yourself dressed in silky lingerie for my pleasure. Do you have fantasies that involve fetishes? Power play? Strong sensation? Are you adventurous? Always up for new things? If the answer to any of these questions was yes, then you probably will.

Will there be sex involved?
Domination is about sensation and a state of mind. As is sex. They are both an emotional journey yet can exist completely separately. There will be no sexual contact. Domination is not prostitution. Most people find they are so wrapped up in the experience and sensations that it provides, that even the most sexually focused of them rarely miss intercourse. The best sex happens between the ears, after all.

Does it hurt?
SM involves sensation. They need not be strong sensations (ie: pain). In fact, they can be very soft and sensual. Strong sensation (pain) can be involved if you wish, but isn't necessary. Many males are amazed to discover how much of their body is an erogenous zone as it reacts to different stimuli.

Do you play with women?
I do indeed. The gender of my partner does not affect my enjoyment of the encounter at all.

Do you accept sessions with couples?
I do take couples. Both with one party as the watcher, and with both parties submitting to me. I have greatly enjoyed such scenes in the past.


Do you train?
That is a very open question, to which I respond "Train to do what?". I cannot train you to be a perfect submissive. Every Dominant will have different criteria as to what makes for a 'good' submissive. I can take you through different types of play and help you learn to enjoy them; I can teach you protocol as I practice it; I can teach you to serve gracefully and well; I can teach you some skills in how to attend your dominant in their personal grooming; and I can teach you to please me. Everyone else will have to mold you in their own shapes for you to be their perfect submissive. But if you want 'training', be prepared to study. If it is hands on BDSM skills you are looking for, please refer to my skills as a teacher.

Are you looking for personal submissives?
My personal life is very full and fulfilling. Thank you for your interest, but should I have need of a personal submissive, I will inform those that interest me.

Can I work off part or all of the fee for a session?
No. No more than you can any other professional you visit. This is my business. It is of course, my lifestyle, my obsession and my passion, but it is also how I make my living. You would not walk into a lawyer's office and ask to work off their fees. I am no different.

Do you do outcalls?
I can do outcalls, and will if the situation suits me. On the other hand, here in Edmonton I have fewer worries about noise, privacy or interruptions. and I have an incredibly well equipped play space, so ideally I prefer to have you visit me.

Do you have others that you can bring in to play with us?
While it is always possible that if you request this at the right moment I may have someone interested in coming in for a session, for the most part I work alone. Please understand that under such circumstances extra tribute may apply.

What is your ideal submissive?
I like someone who is clean, well groomed, and well mannered. I love visual and aural feedback during a session. It is wonderful to me when someone squirms, moans and lets me know in a hundred small ways how much they are enjoying what I am doing to them.

How do you like your submissives to react during play?
Everyone is different and I enjoy all the different responses. I have a preference for submissives who are not stoic; I like to watch you move, struggle, whimper, and even cry out. Brats can also be fun, but I do not want to be told what to do during a scene, and will not tolerate it. If you wish to try something specific, that is what a pre-scene negotiation is for. That said, I listen and watch my submissive's reactions for extra insight into their desires and needs.

I wish to bring you a small gift, what do you suggest?
Well firstly, I do not drink alchohol, so please don’t bring me that. As much as I appreciate the thought, a bottle of wine will become a dust-gathering object in my home. Flowers of course are sweet. I prefer not to receive food items; I am fussy and my preferences are far too specific to start listing here. Stockings are always welcome as they never seem to last more than one wear. Toys are of course a good idea, especially if I will get to test them on you. While the irony does not escape me, I am addicted to vanilla scented products from the body shop. If you still don’t have an idea but would like to spoil me, gift cards for a variety of stores or websites are probably the safest way to go.