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Tribute to Lady Rowan

Half Hour $150.00 (plus expenses if applicable)
Per Hour $200.00 (plus expenses if applicable) 3 Hour Maximium
Per Half Hour after the First Hour $100.00
Teaching Fees for One on One Teaching $150.00 per Hour
Teaching Fees for Pre-Arranged Community Class Setting Negotiable, please Contact Me

The types of play...

I enjoy are not limited to, but include the following:

I love intricate rope bondage, especially experimenting with different types and styles of restraint. I have 600 feet of rope in different lengths, hanging in my dungeon, waiting to be wrapped around some lucky body.

I enjoy most types of corporal play; to this end I have countless floggers, paddles, slappers, riding crops, canes, etc. I also collect restraints; I have buckling restraints, locking restraints, bondage mitts, suspension cuffs, hoods, blindfolds, gags of all types, etc.

I do a lot of feminization but I cannot guarantee to have clothing in every size of the spectrum. If you communicate to me your size and your craving for this type of play before a session, I can tell you if I have anything that will fit you. I strongly encourage people interested in this type of play to bring anything they have, or if they would like to purchase clothing and store it with me, I am always agreeable to that.

Sensory deprivation interests me a great deal. I have a body bag, saran wrap, hoods, industrial ear mufflers, etc. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that my toy cannot hear or see anything, and is helpless waiting for my touch.

Temperature play can be combined with other types of play, but the experience alone of not knowing what will touch you, the chill of the ice or the burn of the wax is a wonderful mind-fuck.

CBT leaves plenty of room to experiment. Everyone’s taste and equipment is different after all. Sometimes all it takes is the touch of my finger-nail and sometimes I may utilize clamps, weights, bindings, etc.

Adult baby play is always possible; I have a play pen, diapers, bottle, soother, etc just waiting for my baby boy to be pampered with.

Medical scenes are of particular interest to me. I have a whole spectrum of toys devoted to this alone. From a hospital gown complete with totally exposed backside, to speculums, anesthesia masks, clamps, enemas, sounds, etc.

Electrical play, while often combined with medical play, can also be a delight and torment all its own. I have a tens unit and violet wand, both with many fun accessories.

Foot worship is of particular delight to me. I enjoy having my feet rubbed, kissed, licked, etc. Always know however that touching me is a privilege given only to a few, and may be revoked at a moment’s notice.

Anal and strap-on play is guaranteed to push my Dominant buttons. There is nothing quite like a boy, bent over, tied there, his ass in the air, glistening with lube, waiting for the touch of my fingers or dildo.

Heavier play is something that many find frightening so I save it for the lucky few who have the fortitude to venture there. With the right boy I have been known to enjoy heavy beatings, rope suspensions, needle play, deep interrogations, fisting, etc.