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When visiting a professional Dominant...

I have found many people who are new to the experience of visiting a Professional Dominant have the same types of questions and fears.  Of course I cannot speak for every Dominant and how they conduct their sessions, but I can tell you about myself.

Here I shall attempt to lay out what you can expect when pondering booking a session with me:

Prior to Meeting Me:
Please know that any information that you give me will be held in the strictest confidence. I prefer that you fill out my online application/questionnaire (located here). This document is carefully crafted to help me understand your level of experience, the styles and types of play that interest you, and the exact activities that you are or are not willing to engage in. It also asks you to give me information designed to help me keep you safe, ranging from allergies to phobias and beyond. From this I can decide if your desires and interests are compatible with my style, skills, and interests. I will always respond, so if you have not heard from me within a few days, please feel free to email and follow up.

Optional before Booking a Session:
If by chance you are not able to fill out my application online, would like a tour of my facility or are nervous and wish to meet me, I am willing to have a consultation with you prior to you booking a session.  While I feel your comfort is paramount and do not charge for these meetings, please know that my time is valuable and these interviews usually average between 20 and 30 minutes. In this meeting we will chat briefly. If you have not done so, you will fill out my questionnaire. I may ask you any questions that have arisen from your answers, and you are welcome to ask me any questions that you may have.

Booking a Session:
Once we are both satisfied that we are compatible we will arrange a session date and time.  I will ask you what types of play you are hoping to explore in your session.  This allows me to prepare my play space, and choose an outfit appropriately.  We may not explore everything you have in mind, but the knowledge gives me insight into where your desires lie at a particular moment.

The Day of your Session:
I ask you to phone an hour before you are due to arrive to confirm that nothing has changed for either of us. If you do not have my address prior to this, I will give it to you then. When you arrive at my door, you will be expected to be polite; this is my home, treat it with the respect you would treat me. Remove your shoes, and coat at the door. This is a good time to hand me your tribute. If there is anything that needs to be discussed, or information that should be imparted this is also a good time to do so. Yes, I DO want to know if you have a sore shoulder, if you have a cold, even simple things like not having eaten that day matter. All of this information will affect your session and how I treat you during it.

During your Session:
Once the formalities are out of the way I will lead you to my play-space and have you disrobe. From there much of what happens is flexible. We will play. What does not change is that you will be polite and respectful and we will both enjoy ourselves.

After your Session:
If you wish to shower I have facilities available. I may hold you or stroke your hair. We may chat about the session and what you enjoyed, what you would have liked more of, less of, etc. If you do not feel like talking about it at that moment I encourage you to email me as soon as you can. I like as much feedback as I can get to help me tailor your next session.

Later On:
After a session I am always available through email if you have thoughts, concerns, would like to talk about anything that crops up in your mind, etc.




My expectations & limits for a scene are listed below, please take the time to read them before contacting me.

My safe words are Red for everything stops, and Yellow for 'Too much, slow down'. If you are gagged I use the three grunt/stomp system.  You are always welcome to politely communicate with me during a scene, but if I feel you are trying to take over and tell me what to do, I reserve the right to tell you to hush or gag you.

What do I expect from you?

What can you expect from me?