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I am one of those people ...

... fortunate enough to have memories from a very early age. Although these earliest memories are simple vignettes that capture moments in time, hindsight has allowed me to see my BDSM interests already at play. A precocious and over-achieving child, I was an insatiable reader. By the age of eleven I had come across the writings of Anne Rice. Within a month I had consumed her entire literary output to that point, and began on her pseudonym, Anne Rampling. Thusly I discovered the book Exit To Eden which gave me the terminology for many of the images and thoughts already in my head. I now knew I was not alone.  That other people felt and thought the same way that I did.  It was a revelation.  

I continued to avidly read anything I could get my hands on that involved BDSM, and was fortunate enough to come across some excellent primers such as Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns and Jay Wiseman's SM 101. In my teen years I was searching for anyone willing to engage in the things that I wanted to try. At nineteen I found the public scene and never looked back.

I spent much of my early twenties traveling throughout Canada attending events, workshops, social gatherings, fetish events, and anything else Kink related that I could find. This afforded me priceless opportunities to not just gather knowledge and skills for hotter and more varied play, but also to meet people and garner insight into different ways that people within this lifestyle can interact.

This lifestyle is part of who I am, so this career choice was natural. After all, I had spent years developing my skills and gathering my knowledge, furnishing my dungeon, and amassing my toys. It is what I love, and this was simply the next logical step.  After all, if you could spend your days creating a fantasy world for yourself and others to live in, even temporarily, wouldn't you?

At the same time I endevour to give back to the community. I spent over two years heading a local educational group that gave monthly informational nights, and still do my best to give workshops and talks to the community whenever opportunity arises. I continue to travel to various events and workshops to gain new skills, techniques, ideas and insights from other players and educators.


As for play, my personal hot button is rope. I could spend hours playing with rope; tying, changing the tie, watching a bottom struggle and squirm, using the rope to create an intimate dance where only the bindings and the sensations it creates exist... I tend to be a playful, teasing Top for the most part, but don't let that fool you; I am quite capable of enjoying meting out a harsh beating while smirking at your struggles. I occasionally love playing the stern teacher, harsh military captor, or evil nurse. Roles are a wonderful way to transcend the mundane realities of our lives.

You should also be aware of my pet peeves. If you are a smoker, and want to earn my respect - use breath mints. I appreciate someone who has thought about what they want, or at the very least can tell me what they don't want (ie. limits), instead of "Whatever you wish Mistress". I will of course tailor scenes to fit my mood on a particular day, but if you don't like something and fail to mention it, we will both have a frustrating experience. I feed off a bottom's reactions, so I DO want you to enjoy the scene as well. I want somebody to react to what is happening to them during a scene and to give me feedback after a scene. Remember, I am not a mind-reader. If you want something, you have to tell me. You may or may not get what your heart desires, but within reason, please feel free to ask.

I have people who ask me if I enjoy what I do, my response is often to cock an eyebrow at them and say, "Who the heck has a dungeon like mine if they aren't in it for the passion of it?"... I tend to think that sums up my feelings nicely. I am here for the joy of kink. The joy I receive, and the joy I can give others. Outside my dungeon is the mundane world; inside it, I wish to create a world for us both to soar through for as long as our time together may last.